Qixin Wang 2016-04-25

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  • Work done last week:
    • New topic-many model with sequence LV model and constrain out YUN model
    • Refactoring the code, pre-build model
    • Accelerating the code, return hidden layer, pre-calculate encoder, accelerate up to 10 times faster
    • Random sample function
    • Solved poly-phone problem, rebuilt the YUNLV list
    • Made code run in WeChat (bugs and YUN LV problem solved)
    • some results (you can try it on WeChat now):
      • 作诗5:花前留下
      • 红裙带翠低,露湿锦帘西。长步摇条柳,垂杨巧向堤。
      • 玉梁映霓裳,美叶弄黄妆。翠盖飘香雾,披襟荡落光。
    • Training the topic-many model for Song Iambic 15k

  • Plan on this week:
    • semantic space
    • New energy model