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[[news-20160315| Chao Zhang from Cambridge University visit CSLT]]
[[news-20160315| Chao Zhang from Cambridge University visit CSLT]]

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Chao Zhang from Cambridge University visit CSLT

THCHS30 Kaldi recipe released

Best paper award in APSIPA2015



Prof. Thomas Fang Zheng elected as APSIPA VP-conference

Free Chinese speech database THCHS-30 released


Three students graduated from CSLT

Prof. Christian Ritz from University of Wollongong visit CSLT

Free Uyghur speech database THUGY-20 released

Prof. Nobuaki Minematsu from the University of Tokyo visit CSLT

Guorong Chen, Jie Li from CUST visit CSLT

VPR standard proposed by CSLT and collaborators published

Prof. Tanja Schultz from KIT Germany visit CSLT

Dr. Andrew Abel from University of Stirling, UK visit CSLT

Prof. Nick Evans from EURECOM visit CSLT

Conference attendance in Singapore

Prof. AlanBlack from CMU Visit CSLT

Prof. Woon-Seng Gan from NTU Visit CSLT

Dr. Frank Soong from Microsoft Asia Research Visit CSLT

IBM scientists visit CSLT