NLP Status Report 2017-4-5

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Date People Last Week This Week
2017/3/27 Yang Feng
  • tested for the baseline but cannot get the reasonable result.
  • debug the baseline to try to reproduce the good result but failed.
  • fixed the problem of nan in alpha-gamma method but the result is not good.
  • changed the calculation of probability for alpha-gamma method but the result is neither good.
  • ran Moses for cwmt zh-en translation, but the training data is case-sensitive, so need to rerun.
  • rerun Moses for cwmt zh-en and cs-en
  • decide to use tensorflow or theano
  • run experiments based on the chosen platform
Jiyuan Zhang
  • I did nothing (I found my ACL mark was at borderline, so I didn't have a mind to work)
  • improve the effect of the qx's model
Andi Zhang
  • fixed the bug, turns out it rises from the unfamiliarity with numpy.resize() function
  • the demo model can deal with oov problem(both source word and target word are oov)
  • some paper work about graduation design
  • run some experiments using theano on old data set and new zh2en from lihang
Shiyue Zhang
  • got a reasonable baseline on big zhen data
  • implement mem model on this baseline, and test on big data
Peilun Xiao