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|Jiyuan Zhang ||
|Jiyuan Zhang ||
*integrated tone_model to attention_model for insteading manul rule,but the effect wasn't good
*improved speed of prediction process
*replacing all_pz rule with half_pz
*ran expriments:<br/>
*token a classical Chinese as input,generated poem [http://cslt.riit.tsinghua.edu.cn/mediawiki/images/3/33/Story_input.pdf]
two sytles expriments of top1_memory_model<br/>
overfitting expriments of top1_memory_model<br/>
two styles expriments of average_memory_model<br/>
overfitting expirments of average_memory_model
*improve poem model   
*improve poem model   

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Date People Last Week This Week
2016/12/26 Yang Feng
  • nmt+mn: tried to improve the nmt baseline;
  • read the code of Andy's;
  • wrote the code for bleu evaluation;
  • finished the code of nmt+mn;
  • ran experiments;
Jiyuan Zhang
  • improved speed of prediction process
  • ran expriments:

two sytles expriments of top1_memory_model
overfitting expriments of top1_memory_model
two styles expriments of average_memory_model
overfitting expirments of average_memory_model

  • improve poem model
Andi Zhang
  • handed in previous codes to Mrs.Feng
  • help Jiyuan gather poems about tianyuan
  • help Jiyuan with his work
  • gather more poems
Shiyue Zhang
  • tried to improve rnng+mm model, but still failed [report]
  • stopped rnng work to help Teacher Feng with NMT
  • ran theano NMT code successfully, and found a problem of test
  • run and test the theano NMT model
  • try to modify tensorflow NMT model, run and test
  • finished the first draft of the survey
  • voice tagging
  • morpheme-based nmt
  • improve nmt with monolingual data
Peilun Xiao
  • learned tf-idf algorithm
  • coded tf-idf alogrithm in python,but found it not worked well
  • tried to use small dataset to test the program
  • use sklearn tfidf to test the dataset