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*continue to modify memory model
*continue to modify memory model
*read some related papers
|Andi Zhang ||
|Andi Zhang ||

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Date People Last Week This Week
2016/10/31 Yang Feng
  • added new features to rnng+mn, including automatically detecting wrong sentences, swapping memories more frequently and filtering memory units to speed up.
  • ran experiments for rnng+mn [report]
  • read the code of sequence-to-sequence with tensorflow
  • recruited interns
  • Huilan work summary
  • optimize rnng+MN;
  • discuss the code with Jiyuan;
  • work with Andy at NMT;
  • Intern interviews
  • Huilan work.
Jiyuan Zhang
  • checked previous code about encoder-memory
  • completed code about decoder-memory,running
  • continue to modify memory model
Andi Zhang
  • ran NMT (cs-en) on gpu, but bleu is low, could be resulting from a small corpus
  • ran NMT on paraphrase data set
  • wrote MemN2N ducument
  • run NMT (fr-en) to get a bleu as that in the paper
  • run paraphrase for validation
Shiyue Zhang
  • try rnng on GPU
  • read the code of Feng
  • modify model report
  • try MKL
  • modify model