NLP Status Report 2016-09-26

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Date People Last Week This Week
2016/09/26 Yang Feng
  • prepared the phrasal check of Huilan
  • prepared and discussed the main idea of next work
  • learned Lua and Torch and read the code of MemNN
  • read the code of rnng
  • modify the code to MN grammar and run the experiments
Jiyuan Zhang
  • ran two versions of the code that qixin gave me,the last version of the result is good
  • perfected my poem's code
  • Results for all versions of the code[here]
  • perfect my code according to up-to-date version of qixin's code
Aodong Li
Andi Zhang
  • read the sorce code of MemN2N
  • installed torch
  • try to fit the params of rnng into memn2n
Shiyao Li
Shiyue Zhang
  • ran rnng code successfully: the result of discriminative model is a bit better than original paper; the generative model has not fully trained, so the performance is worse.
  • get generative model f1 score
  • get the states of each timestep