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{| class="wikitable"
{| class="wikitable"
!  version        ||        ip||port||    mysql_port||    user||        pwd||
!  version        ||        ip||port||    mysql_port||    user||        pwd
|  vpr-master-2.0.0||||5002||          3306||    root|| Freeneb123&||
|  vpr-master-2.0.0||||5002||          3306||    root|| Freeneb123&

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version ip port mysql_port user pwd
vpr-master-2.0.0 5002 3306 root Freeneb123&


version sample_rate model_version engine_version port
vpr-slave-2.0.0 16k v2.3.1 v3.0.0 9015
vpr-slave-2.0.0 8k v2.2 v3.0.0 9016


releaser customer client sample_rate service_code domain_code status
Yanchi Jin 海沃思 /freeneb/release/project/publish/vpr/client/cloud/python/v2.0.2.20190704/client 16k vpr_001 domain_001 open
Yanchi Jin 凯辉科技 /freeneb/release/project/publish/vpr/client/cloud/python/v2.0.2.20190704/client 16k vpr_001 domain_003 open
Yanchi Jin 景星 /freeneb/release/project/publish/vpr/client/cloud/java/v2.0.3.20190712/client 8k vpr_001 domain_002 open
Yanchi Jin 8k_test /freeneb/release/project/publish/vpr/client/cloud/java/v2.0.3.20190712/client 8k vpr_001 domain_8k_test open