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=Active projects=
=Active projects=
[[C-STAR-database approach|C-STAR]]
[[C-STAR-database approach|CN-Celeb]]
[[Deep_Speech_Factorization-2|Deep Speech Factorization (Phase 2)]]
[[Deep_Speech_Factorization-2|Deep Speech Factorization (Phase 2)]]

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Active projects


Deep Speech Factorization (Phase 2)

Multilingual Minorilanguage Automatic Speech Recognition (M2ASR)

Vivi Poem

Completed projects

Speech Processing

Deep Speaker Feature Learning

Deep Speech Factorization (Phase I)

Speaker Recognition on Trivial Events

Phonetic Temporal Neural Model for Language Identification

Deep speaker segmentation

Flexible speech synthesis

Language Processing

Vivi Neural translation

Financial Processing

Risk Aversion Corn-K