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People This Week Next Week Task Tracking (DeadLine)
Dong Wang
  • Establish neural Bayes theory
  • Unify the subspace DNF and NDA
  • More investigation on neural PCA
  • More work on neural PCA
  • Investigate incremental training algorithm
Yunqi Cai
  • Did some experiments on VAE Bayes score
  • Apply NDA to xvector's deep normlization
  • Investigate the literature on Deep generative model
  • keep on literature Investigation
  • Give some consistent reults on NDA-xvector deep normlization
Zhiyuan Tang
Lantian Li
Ying Shi
Wenqiang Du
Haoran Sun
Yue Fan
  • Data collection
  • Program processing
  • Train dnf model with gun&nongun and test
Jiawen Kang
Ruiqi Liu
Sitong Cheng
Zhixin Liu