140630 - Mengyuan Zhao

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Weekly report:

  • Sinovoice multi-language training based on 1400h_Dianhua + 100h_Shujutang (8K)
  1. Fbank-non-stream MPE training, done.
  2. Fbank-stream MPE training, done.
  3. Test all AMs above on "HuaWei_27H_100" & "HuaWei_126H" with several configures(beam13/beam9; different LMs)
  • HuaWeiAndTC_470H_tag + HuaWei_JS126h adaptation:
  1. Fbank-non-stream model training, done. Test it, results look ok.
  2. Fbank-stream, 1 iter done. Test it, but the performance is worse than non-stream one. Perhaps I made mistakes, and I'm trying to find it.