09-30 Lantian Li

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1. To go on studying a scoring method on GMM-UBM aiming to design a cohort reference speaker models.

1). On the basis of testing on a small scale, a total-batch experiment was made.

The result for "true speaker" shows that there exists a score gap between the real-speaker and cohort

speaker. Besides, the variance from the real-true-speaker is larger than the sen-true-speaker based on the

cohort set. For imposter-speaker having the similar result, However, it does not meet the original hypothesis

that if the speaker is not the true speaker, it may have the similar scoring between this hypothesis

speaker model and corhort models. But experimental result shows that there still has a gap.

Next Week

1. Go on the task1 to explore the inherent law of re-scoring results and use the cohort set to

reduce the error rate on the "Sensitive True Speaker"/"Sensitive Imp Speaker".