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Rules for scoring

Score symbol

  • -: pass;
  • X: no input;
  • X-:delayed pass;
  • =: not clear;
  • '#': bad performance;
  • O: expected absence
  • +: excellent input and nice progress, with clear deliver(paper, TRP, patent, system, code..).

Member symbol

  • PV: Part-time Visitor: daily report on or
  • PVE: Part-time Engineering: report your supervisor
  • FV: Full-time Visitor : weekly report
  • SV: Special Visitor : weekly report
  • E: Engineer : weekly report
  • S: Student  : weekly report
  • I: Student Intern: daily report

Principle for PLUS(+)

  1. TRP, put on
  2. Paper submission, put in the form of TRP (above link) and arxiv
  3. Data collection, put on /nfs/coprpus0, and indexed on wiki
  4. code and document delivery, put on
  5. patent, put on
  6. model, put on the archive disk, sent delivery email, and put the model in the release sheet on wiki.
  7. help others with extra much effort
  8. Leaders' pluses are from their group members

Publication guide

Former status check