NLP Status Report 2017-3-20

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Date People Last Week This Week
2017/3/20 Yang Feng
  • went through the code and made different attempt, and managed to produce the good result (47-->50 on the small zh-en data set)
  • wrote the cross-entropy method for alpha-gamma method, but found it is different from the built-in method.
  • changed to use the build-in soft-cross-entropy method and ran experiments
  • get the result for alpha-gamma method
  • run experiments on the big data
Jiyuan Zhang
  • response ACL reviewers' questions
  • improve the effect of the qx's model
Andi Zhang
  • tried to fix the bug that prevents the prediction of EOS symbol
  • the output_projection matrix is out of order after the copying vector process
  • fix the bug
Shiyue Zhang
  • learned to use google's new seq2seq code(gnmt)
  • ran gnmt on en-de , small zh-en, cs-en, big zh-en
  • run gnmt on new big zh-en
  • try to find how to implement our model on gnmt
Peilun Xiao