NLP Status Report 2017-1-16

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Date People Last Week This Week
2017/1/3 Yang Feng
  • nmt+mn: ran experiments with only 3-entry memory to check the impact of memory;
  • check the translations and also ran experiments to analyze the results [translation] [report];
  • add c_i and y_i-1 to improve the fluency;
  • fix a bug of baseline of using different embedding for forward and backward rnns (under-running);
Jiyuan Zhang
  • assisted wangyang to build the questionnaire's website
  • completed the questionnaire
  • complete the evalation
  • start to wirte paper
Andi Zhang
Shiyue Zhang
  • finished implementing beam search on tensorflow seq2seq translation model
  • add BLUE part to validate the function of beam search
  • go on with Dynet Chinese Document
Peilun Xiao