NLP Status Report 2016-09-12

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Date People Last Week This Week
2016/09/05 Yang Feng
  • surveyed memory networks -- papers and codes
  • surveyed the progress of Turing machine in 2016, mainly focusing on dynamic addressing Turing machine and reinforcement learning Turing machine.
  • implement the neural grammar based on memory networks
Jiyuan Zhang
  • started to write my part of deep learning chapter
  • perfected poem’s code according to qx’code
  • complete initial version of my part of book
  • generate the same level poem compared to qx’s
Aodong Li
  • Do some analysis about rare word embeddings analysis
  • Complete the code according to my analysis and experiments are running
  • Reproduce the paper's method and try to achieve some improvements if possible
Andi Zhang
Shiyao Li
2016/09/12 Yang Feng
  • surveyed several papers of NN parsing;
  • came up with the details of our memory network grammar
  • downloaded the resources of baselines, including: Dyer's rnn grammar, facebook memory network and facebook bAbI data
  • ran and read the code of rnn grammar
  • get the result of rnn grammar on bAbI data set;
  • understand the code of rnn grammar.
Jiyuan Zhang
  • wrote a report on the music generation [here]
  • completed the text section of my part of deep learning chapter,yet not completed the illustration [here]
  • complete the illustration
  • find some paper about generation task
Aodong Li
Andi Zhang
  • look for source code of Memnn
  • prepare for the sharing of a paper
Shiyao Li
Shiyue Zhang
  • Help Zhiyong with the document
  • Read papers: "Memory Networks" and "Neural Machine Translation"
  • Go on with the paper reading
  • prepare for the bi-week report