How to submit the latex files including Chinese characters to arxiv

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1. Convert the encoding format of the .tex,.sty and .bbl file to "UTF-8".

2. Import the package "CJKutf8" in order that Chinise characters can be displayed in the pdf file. (Add the line "\usepackage{CJKutf8}" to the .tex file)

3. Enter the Chinese characters between \begin{CJK*}{UTF8}{gbsn} and \end{CJK*} in the .tex file. The examples are as following:








4. You will see the Chinese chacracters displaying in the pdf file after compiling.

P.S. Song and kai(some Chinese fonts which are commonly used) are not able to be recognized in the arxiv. So you can use gbsn(a Chinese font which can be recognized in the arxiv).