How to install driver of optical-network-card and setup the ip-config

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Optical port network card plugging

  1. First verify the type of your Optical-network, usually PCI-E (x8/x16).
  2. Scan the mother-board to check if there are any PCI-E(x8/x16) left, then plug the card to the match one.
  3. Run "lspci |grep net" to see the numbers of network-card.
  4. Run "ethtool enp4s0" to check the speed property of the network-card. 1000 or 10000bits/s

Driver install(ixgbe)

  1. First check the chip-type and adapter-type of the network-card.
  2. Go to to find the corresponding drivers.
  3. ln -s /usr/src/kernels/xxx.x86_64 /usr/src/linux
  4. Download the source code of driver and then compile it on your target machine according to the README in src.
  1. make & make install
  2. modinfo ./ixgbe.ko
  3. rmmod ixgbe
  4. insmod ixgbe
  5. modprobe ixgbe

Ip-config settings

  1. Run "systemctl start NetworkManager" and "nmtui" to grab the name of the new card.
  2. Copy raw electric-network-card config to the optical one."cp ifcfg-enp0s31f6 ifcfg-enp4s0".
  3. ifdown the electric-network-card && ifup optical-network-card.
  4. Restart the network "systemctl restart network".