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Bi-week presentation (for Intern)

  1. The team leader distribute a bi-week task to the candidate
  2. The candidate should give a bi-week presentation at the specified time
  3. The candidate becomes a new member once he/she passed the presentation

Pre-onboard process

  1. This process is suitable for interns candidate who need to stay in the lab to conduct his/her bi-weekly task.
  2. Create account on grid if necessar (system Admin, now WANGD,TangZy )
  3. Create a name in the visitor/temporal visitor page of wiki [1], and upload a portrait and the data security agreement. (New member)

Onboard process

  1. Sign an intern contract (Team leader arrange the signature)
  2. Create account on grid, wiki, email, cvss server, homepage space. (system Admin, now WANGD,TangZy )
  3. Create an entry for the new member on wiki [2] (Team leader)
  4. Send the onboard email to the member [3](Supervisor WangD)
  5. Leave the welcome letter to the team leader [4](Supervisor WangD)
  6. Add the new member to wechat group (Team leader)
  7. Deliver the new member's welcome sheet to the new member (Team leader)
  8. Download the data security agreement and sign it, take a picture [5] (New member)
  9. Upload a portrait, the bi-weekly slides and data security agreement to the new member's page [6] (New member)
  10. Apply for badge and meal card (secretary Yating)