ASR Status Report 2017-8-7

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Date People Last Week This Week
2017.8.7 Xiaofei Kang
  • Finish experiments of 12-style speech with ZhangMiao. (Results are shown in ZhangMiao's CVSS)
  • Complete a part of the recording work: collecting six types of sound from 13 people.
  • Finish the recording work left with ZhangMiao
  • Build a new test website with ZhangMiao
Miao Zhang
  • Finish experiments of 12-style speech with Xiaofei. (Results are shown in CVSS)
  • Build a new test website
  • Recording work
  • Improve the website by decreasing salience segments and replenish other styles
Yanqing Wang
  • retrain experiments finished
  • TRP finished
  • structure V.S. value
Ying Shi
  • setup server for m2asr [finished]
  • design crawler program
  • finish the crawler program
  • CodeMap for Tibetan
Yixiang Chen
Lantian Li
  • Visualization and quantification for d-vector [1].
    • phone-aware and phone-blind.
    • within speaker variation and between speaker variation.
  • Lots of trifles.
  • Speaker segmentation task.
Zhiyuan Tang
  • Some functions of the auto-scoring system rewrited.
  • An app demo with Shuai Zhang.
  • Kaldi book writing.

Date People Last Week This Week
2017.7.31 Xiaofei Kang
  • Finish the Speaker Recognition experiment:mouth with candy, normal chat
  • Understand all the scripts of the Speaker Recognition experiment, and then learn to modify it.
Miao Zhang
  • finish the experiments on five kinds of speech
  • optimize the vad parameter to improve the performance
  • finish the new human test website
Yanqing Wang
  • retraining task: experiments are in progress, some time needed.
  • all experiments should be done.
  • TRP of retraining task.
Ying Shi
  • apply mongodb and ajax on the data checking website
    • with mongodb we are not depend on file lock anymore
    • there is no need to save web state(except some cookie) after employ ajax
  • continue to learn crawler
  • setup server for m2asr (use sheep02)
  • design crawler program
Yixiang Chen
  • plot tsne picture for 863 & fisher-5000 data set
  • find why performance of wisper better than performance of chat
  • check data and paper
Lantian Li
  • T-sne plot for speaker segmentation preparation [2].
  • check TASLP and NIPS paper.
  • deep spk recipe.
Zhiyuan Tang
  • Updated the auto-scoring system with the newest version of Kaldi. Several patches need to be repaired.
  • Kaldi book writing.
  • Initial version of auto-scoring system.
  • Kaldi book writing.