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Speech Processing

AM development


  • grid-11 often shutdown automatically, too slow computation speed.
  • buy a new 800W power -- Xuewei



  • the technical report is done.
  • reproduce environment for interspeech

Dropout & Maxout & rectifier

  • HOLD
  • Need to solve the too small learning-rate problem
  • 20h small scale sparse dnn with rectifier. --Chao liu
  • 20h small scale sparse dnn with Maxout/rectifier based on weight-magnitude-pruning. --Mengyuan Zhao

Convolutive network

  • Convolutive network(DAE)

DNN-DAE(Deep Auto-Encode-DNN)

RNN-DAE(Deep based Auto-Encode-RNN)


  • DAE
  • Technical report done. -- Shi Yin

Speech rate training


  • HOLD
  • Reproduce the experiments on fisher dataset.
  • Use the fisher DNN model to decode all-wsj dataset
  • preparing scoring for puqiang data

Neural network visulization

Speaker ID

Text Processing

LM development

Domain specific LM

  • LM2.X
  • mix the sougou2T-lm,kn-discount(done)
  • train a large lm using 25w-dict.(hanzhenglong/wxx)
  • v2.0a adjust the weight and smaller weight of transcription is better.(done)
  • v2.0b add the v1.0 vocab(done)
  • v2.0c filter the useless word.(next week)
  • set the test set for new word (hold)

tag LM

  • Tag Lm
  • add 3-class tag and test
  • similar word extension in FST
  • improve the key-word weight in G , and result is good in keyword recognization
  • read to deal with the English-Chinese


  • rnn
  • test wer RNNLM on Chinese data from jietong-data
  • generate the ngram model from rnnlm and test the ppl with different size txt.
  • lstm+rnn
  • check the lstm-rnnlm code about how to Initialize and update learning rate.(hold)


W2V based doc classification

  • data prepare.

Knowledge vector

  • paper is done, submitted ACL

Character to word

  • Character to word conversion(hold)

Word vector online learing

  • prepare the ACL


  • v5.0 demo released
  • cut the dict and use new segment-tool

Sparse NN in NLP

  • write a technical report(Wednesday) and make a report.
  • prepare the ACL


improve fuzzy match

  • add Synonyms similarity using MERT-4 method(hold)

improve lucene search

  • commit to Rong Liu to check in.
  • online learning to rank
  • tool is ok and ready to test

online learning

  • a simple edition about online learning part about QA.

context framework

  • code for demo

query normalization

  • using NER to normalize the word
  • new inter will install SEMPRE