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Publication is important

For any people working on research and engineering, publication is the most important metric to evaluate your output. The publication includes:

  • paper on peer-reviewed journals and conferences
  • paper on public archives, e.g., arxiv
  • technical report on CSLT webpage
  • patents
  • database,demo,articles on CSLT webpage
  • code and document on git
  • progress on cvss

Publication process

Papers and technical report

You are encouraged to publish your research results as papers in time. We recommend the following process

  1. log on your progress (ideas, trials, methods, data, results) on cvss
  2. complete technical report on CSLT webpage
  3. complete paper and submit to arxiv
  4. submit paper to journals and conferences
  5. update CSLT webpage to reflect the papers accepted, by including pdf files if necessary.
  • NOTE: all the writing should not be 'private', all MUST be open and accessible by the team. So you must use cvss to log results

instead of using email, using cvs for paper and technical report preparation, using CSLT webpage to publish your papers and TRPs.

  • NOTE: for each paper, the first author is responsible to monitor the progress of the paper.


For CVS:

For CSLT paper publication:

For CSLT TRP publication:


Patents are encouraged particularly for engineering work. You need to prepare some initial documents to describe the basic innovation, and then we will hire some professionals for patent issuing to handle the progress. Contact your team leader for more details.

For patent publication:

Code and database

We encourage code to be published on git, and databases/demos published on the grid. Read the following page:

Team publication

Every team has their own space:

  • /nfs/nlphome
  • /nfs/asrhome
  • /nfs/finhome

Team-shared resources should be put their, particularly demos, baselines, tools, etc.

Every team has their own webpage:


You should use these homepages to publish team-made demos.

Personal publication

You have personal webpage: <account>

Read here: